General Tips to Avoid Skids

Loss of vehicle control can be scary. To help avoid skidding on slippery surfaces, reduce your speed and increase your following distance behind the vehicle ahead.

In addition, you can:

Beware of Icy or Wet Locations

Ice tends to collect in shady areas, under bridges and overpasses, and low points on the road. As a result, on cold days slow down even more when approaching shaded areas, bridges, overpasses, and dips.

Don’t Make Sudden Maneuvers

Sudden changes in acceleration, braking, or fast turns can spin your car out of control and into a skid, especially on an icy or wet road where traction is greatly reduced.

Keep to the Paved Portion of the Road

Don’t drive on the road edge or the shoulder; poorly maintained pavement, gravel or dirt surfaces could cause a loss of vehicle control.

If You Must …

Inclement Winter Weather Driving

Dirt covered SUV on a muddy road

Increased risk for accidents is a given during inclement weather conditions.  That’s why the best advice when dealing with snow is to avoid driving altogether.  If you must drive in the snow, extra safety precautions are necessary.

If you live in an area that gets snowy weather, you should always carry chains in your vehicle and put them on your tires prior to driving in snow.  Also steer clear of the shoulder of the road.  Snow can build up the most here, and the shoulder is for emergency situations.

Heavy snow can make it difficult to see lane markings, so try to position your vehicle to stay in line with the tracks of other vehicles ahead of you.  Speed must be decreased and following distance should be doubled to at least eight to ten seconds.  Accelerate and brake very slowly.  Turn on your low beam headlights to make yourself more visible to other drivers.

If you are having difficulty with visibility, such as during a white out, pull into a safe parking area if possible.  Do NOT stop on the traveled portion of the road.

It’s true, blustery winter weather can be stressful.  To best cope, be prepared ahead of time, and stay alert, calm, and patient.