Super Safety Tips for a Super Super Bowl Sunday

What’s your game plan?


Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner … do you have a game plan?  As Denver and Seattle go head to head, don’t forget to use yours!  Whether you are having friends over or you’re watching the game at a friend’s house or sports bar, there are safety precautions you can take to make sure everyone “arrives alive” when they go home.

If you are having friends over, here are simple tips to be a responsible host:

  • Before the game even starts, check that everyone has a designated sober driver to get home
  • Provide protein-rich foods like meats and cheeses or finger sandwiches; salty snacks tend to make people want to drink more
  • There should ALWAYS be non-alcoholic beverages available
  • Stop serving alcoholic beverages between the 3rd and 4th quarter (just like NFL stadiums!)

If you are spending game day at a friend’s place, a bar, or a restaurant, these tips should be part of your Game Day Game Plan:

  • Have a designated sober driver before you leave home (or be one yourself)
  • Be mindful of drinking on an empty stomach and eat foods high in protein
  • Pace yourself!  Take breaks and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks
  • Be a true friend by keeping an eye on your friends and make sure no one drives if they’re intoxicated

No matter who you’re cheering for, following these safety tips are a game day WIN!


FM Radio More Repetitive Than Ever

…Fearing Listeners Will Tune Out Unfamiliar Tunes


Music services such as Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and Sirius XM Radio have developed quite a following with listeners in the last several years.  One of the greatest draws for using such services is the ability to choose from a large variety of songs as well as having numerous opportunities available to “discover” new music.

You would think to keep up with this novelty FM radio would try to emulate these advantages in their music offerings.  However, FM radio has gone in the exact opposite direction of its more digital counterparts.  Why?  A recent article published by The Wall Street Journal explains that traditional broadcasters have been able to increase listenership by narrowing the variety of songs that they play.  According to the article, this strategy comes from growing research suggesting what radio programmers have long suspected – “listeners tend to stay tuned when they hear a familiar song, and tune out when they hear music they don’t recognize.”

The Wall Street Journal cites statistics from Mediabase for “most played songs,” showing that last year’s (2013) top songs were played almost TWICE as much on the radio compared to a decade prior (2003).  Between emerging data and the increasingly long list of music options to choose from, FM radio stations are clinging onto this strategy tightly, even extending the amount of time artists must wait to introduce new songs.

FM Radio is still the most widely used American listening system, so even though its policies may be negatively affecting musical artists, it certainly is distinguishing itself from digital alternatives, securing a unique and specific (yet repetitive) spot in listeners’ ears.

Wacky State Laws

No time to read a long-winded BLOnG? Welcome to the Three-Second-Stop mini-Blog.

Today’s Three Seconds: Bizarre Traffic Laws from Around the Nation

police-give-ticket-gorilla3 Second Stop Some of these seem pretty obvious, but others make you wonder what the heck happened to to have the law written in the first place!  According to … As comfy as it may look, it is illegal in California for a woman to drive a car while wearing a housecoat.  Moving north, authorities in Alaska have found it necessary to designate a law specifying that under NO circumstance should a dog be tethered to the roof of a car.  And clearly another animal-loving state — Massachusetts — asks that you please refrain from operating your vehicle with a gorilla in the backseat.  It’s illegal in the entire state.  So as always, drive safe, and mind the law!

The OTHER Distracted Driving

Eat it … But Not While You’re Driving


You’ve heard a thousand times the dangers of talking on your cell phone while driving, or the perils associated with texting and driving.  But we bet a lot of you are guilty of another dangerous distraction: EATING while driving.  And we’re sure you know not to “drink and drive,” but that’s true for ANY kind of beverage, not just alcohol. Soft drinks are on the top ten list of most dangerous things to consume while trying to drive.  Seriously!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed some pretty startling statistics for such a common activity among American drivers.  According to NHTSA’s study in 2009, eating while driving increases the odds of an accident by 80% and accounts for 65% of near miss accidents.  Yikes!

Some of the top offenders for increasing the risk of an accident include hamburgers, doughnuts with cream or jelly filling, fried chicken, tacos and — ranked number one — coffee.  The truth is, anything that is going to take your attention away from the road is considered distracted driving.  You’re already averting your eyes from the road in the food-to-mouth process, and then, just imagine …  You bite into that juicy burger and suddenly you’ve got mustard dripping down your crisp white shirt.  Or a big glop of jelly you weren’t able to stop oozing out of your savory treat in time.  Fried chicken is super greasy, and tacos pretty much disassemble themselves!  Coffee is an obvious one – hot liquid spillage is always a catastrophe, and the fact that coffee “to go” is often served in flimsy cups only makes matters worse, contributing to this beverage being labeled the most dangerous item to consume while driving.

In today’s busy world, we’re always looking for ways to save time and it’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing a bite to eat on the run.  But please – if you must grab food on the run, pull into a parking lot or wait until you reach your destination to enjoy.