Halloween Safety

How Drivers Can Prepare

casper3All motorists need to be EXTRA alert today.  Halloween ranks the highest for the amount of child pedestrian deaths and reports some of the highest holiday- related DUIs and pedestrian deaths overall.  National Safety Council and Trafficschool.com have some quick safety tips for motorists:

Keep an eye out for children who may be darting out from between parked cars and walking on roadways, medians and curbs.  Children can move in unpredictable ways, especially when you add in the excitement of trick-or-treating and overflowing amounts of candy.  Sometimes they are wearing dark clothing or costumes that make them even more difficult to spot later in the evening when it’s darker outside, so drive cautiously.  Always enter and exit driveways and alleys with extra care, and never use your cell phone when you are operating a vehicle.  It’s also a good idea for teens simply not to drive on Halloween night, because there are too many hazards and distractions for inexperienced drivers.  And if you are going to be consuming alcohol, make sure you have a designated driver before you even go out.  Jot down a cab company’s phone number too, and bring it with you, just in case.

Being prepared and informed will help ensure your Halloween is full of fun and not regrets.  So take note, and be sure to remind all your friends and family on how they can have a safe and happy Halloween!

The Fall in Gas Prices

What Does the Future Hold?


The Fall season is upon us, and just like the autumn leaves, gas prices are coming down.  Yes, go ahead and let out that sigh of relief, we’ve felt the outrageous gas increase over the summer as well.

AAA reports unleaded gas is now averaging $3.34 a gallon, the lowest national average since the beginning of the year.  Lundberg Survey, Incorporated (LSI), an independent market research company specializing in U.S. petroleum marketing, announced its latest findings on September 20th.  Charleston, SC claimed the cheapest gas price at $3.14 a gallon, while drivers fueling up in San Francisco were still shelling out a little over $4 a gallon. Though gas prices aren’t what they used to be, we don’t think anyone’s complaining about the overall declining prices.  Some estimates even predict gas prices could drop below $3.00 per gallon by the end of the year – the first time since December of 2010.

One reason behind the significant decrease is from the usual seasonal drop in gas prices.  According to AAA, factories are making seasonal adjustments by switching from summer-grade blends of gasoline to winter-blends.  Winter-blends are less expensive, thus costing the consumer less as well.

Unfortunately, other industry insiders have a slightly more grim outlook for the future of gas prices, believing that they will never dip below $3 a gallon again.  Experts forecast the future of gas prices to rise and fall in association with current events, such as the United States’ relations with the Middle East.

Either way, motorists should do what they can to make their vehicles more fuel-efficient.

Stay tuned for our blog posts full of tips on how to make your gas “go the extra mile.”  We’ll clue you in on simple ways you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient, helping you make your car last longer and keep more money in your wallet!

Grand Theft Auto V

Bad Influence on Drivers?


Gamers all across the globe are jumping for joy with the release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.  Although the excitement runs high for most teens and adults alike, there are still a number of people who feel the complete opposite.

You have those who believe that playing video games like Grand Theft Auto V might influence bad driving habits, suggesting that the game promotes drug use, erratic behavior behind the wheel and drunk driving.  In fact, various studies over the years have found that racing video games are directly associated with risky driving, also arguing that these games are linked to speeding, tailgating, crossing double yellow lines, and getting pulled over by the police.

While on the other hand, some believe that these video games have absolutely nothing to do with a person’s driving behavior in real life.  And…although no excuses were made for the violence and crime-focused scenarios the video game displays, still many are attracted to Grand Theft Auto V because of its deep character development and story-driven adventures.

Whether you’re against the Grand Theft Auto franchise or games like it, car accidents still remain at an all-time high.

Extend the Life of Your Car

Regular Maintenance is Key

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is important to preserve its longevity, and you don’t have to splurge on a new car every few year to do so either. By following these simple tips, you’ll keep you car running as if it was new.

Change Filters
It’s a given that you should get your car’s oil changed on a regular basis, but a lot of drivers often forget about the other fluids and filters, such as the air filter which helps the engine last longer.

Check Cooling Systems
Maintaining the proper coolant level is extremely important. A failed cooling system and/or hoses could result in a futile engine.

Pressure Check
Most people don’t pay much attention to their tires. But, the wrong pressure not only ruins your tires, which is bad for the vehicle all together, but it could also affect your fuel economy and present major safety issues.

Pay Attention To The Gauges
As discussed in a previous blog, most drivers ignore warning signs. They are your indicators when something is wrong with your oil pressure, cooling system or in newer vehicles, your tire pressure.

Get Regular Checkups
Find a repair shop and a good mechanic you trust! It’s important that your car gets regular checkups to maintain its overall makeup and to prevent future problems from occurring.

Parking Meter Madness

Plug the Meter with Your Phone

If you’re one of the many drivers living in the big city, then you know finding a parking spot is like looking for ‘Waldo.’  After circling around the block several times, you finally eye a spot with your name on it, you feel like you’ve won the lottery, and then you remember you have no change, but thank God, this meter accepts credit cards.  Finally, you’re parked and now you’re worried about the meter running out and the ticket happy officer strolling the streets.  In the battle of man vs. meter, it seems like the meter reins victorious every time.  But, what if there was a way to skip the meter, altogether?  Some cities are testing new technology that could make this a reality.

In some places, drivers can purchase the ‘EasyPark,’ a prepaid wireless device for $20, which will track parkmobile_meter_webhow long your car is parked and charge you accordingly.  However, keep in mind, local laws still apply, so be mindful of maximum time limits.  Another way you can pay the meter is through ‘Parkmobile,’ a free app for smartphone users that also gives you the option of extending your time without ever having to move a muscle.

So the next time you prepare for your next big battle with the meter, remember, you now have options.