Parking Meter Madness

Plug the Meter with Your Phone

If you’re one of the many drivers living in the big city, then you know finding a parking spot is like looking for ‘Waldo.’  After circling around the block several times, you finally eye a spot with your name on it, you feel like you’ve won the lottery, and then you remember you have no change, but thank God, this meter accepts credit cards.  Finally, you’re parked and now you’re worried about the meter running out and the ticket happy officer strolling the streets.  In the battle of man vs. meter, it seems like the meter reins victorious every time.  But, what if there was a way to skip the meter, altogether?  Some cities are testing new technology that could make this a reality.

In some places, drivers can purchase the ‘EasyPark,’ a prepaid wireless device for $20, which will track parkmobile_meter_webhow long your car is parked and charge you accordingly.  However, keep in mind, local laws still apply, so be mindful of maximum time limits.  Another way you can pay the meter is through ‘Parkmobile,’ a free app for smartphone users that also gives you the option of extending your time without ever having to move a muscle.

So the next time you prepare for your next big battle with the meter, remember, you now have options.

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