Grand Theft Auto V

Bad Influence on Drivers?


Gamers all across the globe are jumping for joy with the release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.  Although the excitement runs high for most teens and adults alike, there are still a number of people who feel the complete opposite.

You have those who believe that playing video games like Grand Theft Auto V might influence bad driving habits, suggesting that the game promotes drug use, erratic behavior behind the wheel and drunk driving.  In fact, various studies over the years have found that racing video games are directly associated with risky driving, also arguing that these games are linked to speeding, tailgating, crossing double yellow lines, and getting pulled over by the police.

While on the other hand, some believe that these video games have absolutely nothing to do with a person’s driving behavior in real life.  And…although no excuses were made for the violence and crime-focused scenarios the video game displays, still many are attracted to Grand Theft Auto V because of its deep character development and story-driven adventures.

Whether you’re against the Grand Theft Auto franchise or games like it, car accidents still remain at an all-time high.

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