Summer Fun on a Budget: Check Alternate Airports

No time to read a long-winded BLOnG? Welcome to the Three-Second-Stop mini-Blog.

Today’s Three Seconds: Get the Best Car Rental Rates, Part 1

3 Second Stop save-money1 Planning on hitting the open road this summer? Well, if you’re one of the many looking to book a car rental for that awesome trip you’ve been waiting to take, then you might want to check our three part mini blog on how to drive away without incurring such an insane rate.

Today’s Trip Tip:
1. Check alternate airports. Rates at each airport may differ. For instance, in New York City, the $411 rate at JFK was about $40 less than the rates at La Guardia or Newark. In San Francisco, the rate at San Francisco International ($423) was $80 less than the rate at Oakland and $160 less than the rate at San Jose. Your best deal may be to fly to/from the airport with the lowest car rental rates.

Tomorrow’s Trip Tip: Opaque Websites

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