London Bridge Is Falling Down…

Can You Name These Memorable Bridges? Part I

Many of us tend to jump in our cars, rushing through life, never noticing the true beauty and nature that surrounds us. But, if you traveled any one of these fine roads you may have come across one of these beautifully constructed bridges. Can you name any? Hint: Two of these bridges are in the U.S. and two are not.

FOUR: Certainly one of the most well-known bridges in New York, with the least attractive architectural appearance, temporarily held the record as the world’s longest suspension bridge. This bridge became a symbol of American ingenuity and technology and is a great vessel for those traveling to and from Manhattan.

THREE: If you watched the 2012 Olympic Games then you’ve probably seen this bridge a million times. An iconic symbol of London, this bridge crosses the River Thames and is 800 feet long.

TWO: It is one of the longest ocean-crossing bridges in the world, located in the eastern coastal region of China. The bridge is 22 miles long and took 5 years to construct.

ONE: Probably the most famous bridge ever built and instantly recognizable by everyone. It has often been called the most photographed bridge in the world. That might have something to do with its beautiful red exterior and sloping suspension cables. And when the fog rolls in…breathtaking!



4) Brooklyn Bridge 3) Tower Bridge 2) Hangzhou Bay Bridge 1) The Golden Gate Bridge