Holiday Travel Dangers

When thinking of Thanksgiving, many things come to mind; such as food, family, blessings, maybe even a pleasant memory. But does “dangerous” come to mind? Probably not.

Did you know that the National Safety Council estimates that about 515 people may die on U.S. roads this Thanksgiving holiday? That is the most deaths estimated for the Thanksgiving holiday period since 2007. According to the American Automobile Association, it is estimated that more than 53.4 million people will travel this year for Thanksgiving, with the majority of those choosing to travel by car. Car travel has the highest fatality rate in the U.S. for unintentional injury deaths. Alcohol is also a factor adding to the holiday’s high fatality rate. During the Thanksgiving Day weekend (Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon), about 29% of fatalities that occur are caused by the alcohol-impaired driver.

While this holiday may include car travel and possibly alcohol, making simple choices, such as wearing your seatbelt and having a designated driver can keep you much safer. So, while you’re gobbling up your meal this Thanksgiving, decide to drink responsibly, and as always make sure to wear your seatbelt. It could possibly save your life.

Festive Follies

Beware Intoxicated Drivers

The holiday season is right around the corner bringing many merry festivities with it.  Unfortunately this usually means an increase in drunken drivers on the road.  If you notice an impaired driver sharing the road with you, what should you do?

  1. Maintain a safe following distance.
  2. Do NOT try to pass or overtake a potentially intoxicated driver.
  3. If the car is behind you, try to turn onto another road.
  4. When safe, pull over and contact the police. Give them as much information as you can in regards to license plate number, vehicle description, location and behavior of the driver.

Most importantly, let the police handle the driver. Do not try to personally stop or detain the vehicle. Stay safe and have a great holiday season!

‘Tis The Season!

How to Keep Your Holidays Merry and Bright

’Tis the season for holiday celebrations!  But hold on there…we want to remind you ’tis also the season to be extra cautious on roadways.  December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention month, and what better time to address dangers of driving intoxicated than now?  This month abounds with lots of food and lots to drink.  We know it’s easy to get caught up in all the cheer and merriment of the holiday season, and that’s why it’s a really good time to remember the consequences of driving impaired.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), data shows that the holiday season is a particularly dangerous time on the roadways:

  • In 2011, 760 people lost their lives as a result of drunk-driving-related crashes during the month of December alone.
  • Nearly 30% of the 14,318 December crash fatalities from 2007 to 2011 involved drivers with blood alcohol concentrations of .08 grams per deciliter or higher.

It may be easy to tune statistics out, but take a moment to really visualize the risks of drunk and buzzed driving and how you’ll be affected.  A DUI conviction stays on your record indefinitely, affecting your home life, your work, and just about every other aspect of your life.  Being convicted of a DUI comes at great cost: monetary loss due to legal fees, lost wages, and potential civil lawsuits — not to mention a significant increase in your auto insurance rates.  If you believe putting yourself at risk isn’t that big of a deal, then at least think of the innocent people who could be injured or killed because of YOUR bad decision.  Living with the aftermath of such incidents is devastating.  How could you ever make it up to them?  No matter how you look at it, driving under the influence of even ONE drink is not worth the risks.

The best decision you can make is one you make before partaking in any consumption of alcohol.  If you are attending a party or event where alcohol will be present, decide beforehand to either abstain from drinking completely or to abstain from driving.  You must decide on your plan BEFORE you begin enjoying the festivities, especially if you tend to have trouble abstaining even when you know you need to drive.  Once alcohol hits your system, you’re a lot more likely to make poor decisions.

If you’re going to be with a group of people, select a designated driver.Print  There are several organizations that participate in a designated driver program, with many establishments offering incentives like complimentary non-alcoholic beverages for the DD.  Who doesn’t love FREE?

In case you can’t find a designated driver, or if your designated driver fails to maintain sobriety, have a taxi cab number on hand to call at the end of the night to pick you up and drop you off.  It’s a lot less expensive than a DUI.

Now … go drink and be merry!  Just remember – your drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic, and never should be if you plan to drive.