Pet Safety: The Window Problem

No time to read a long-winded BLOnG? Welcome to the Three-Second-Stop mini-Blog.

Today’s Three Seconds: How to Transport Your Pet, Part 1

puppy3 Second StopWe know you love to let your dog stick their head out of the car window while you are driving around, but the DMV advises this is unsafe.  First of all, it’s dangerous for your pet.  They might be enjoying a breeze, but it won’t be so fun if they get whacked by debris.  Also, the heavy airflow is damaging to their respiratory systems, especially if it’s cold out.  Unfortunately, unrestrained dogs are distracting to you and to other drivers, and your pet can become a hindrance to your ability to see traffic around you. By not allowing your dog’s head to hang out your vehicle window, you keep your pet, you, and others around you safe.

Stay tuned for more ways to transport your pets safely!

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