Dangers of the Road

Dealing With an Aggressive Driver


Aggressive drivers! We’ve all dealt with them at least one time in our lives, if not on a daily basis. They’re the ones belligerently weaving in and out of traffic, beeping the horn like mad men and women, and screaming obscenities at the motorists who are actually doing the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, aggressive drivers are everywhere, so how do you deal with them?

Simple. Do your best to stay out of their way. An aggressive driver is a dangerous driver. The last thing you want to do is outsmart them by mimicking the same erratic behavior they are displaying. Not only is that jeopardizing your well-being, but egging on an aggressive driver could anger them even further, making the driver even more of a road hazard than he or she already is, and possibly resulting in a fatal accident.

Because these kinds of drivers have the potential to create major havoc for you and surrounding motorists, reporting an aggressive driver is extremely important. When you’re parked and in a position where you can safely dial 9-1-1…do so! Calling the police is one of the best things you can do to keep the roads safe when dealing with aggressive drivers. Who knows, one simple phone call could possibly save that aggressive driver’s life as well.

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