What Does Your Vehicle Say About You?

Did you know that the kind of car you drive can often be associated with your personality type?  When you purchase or pick out a vehicle to your liking, the end result is a choice you made, reflecting your personality.  Psychology expert, Dr. Leon James states that “in our car culture, drivers idealize their rides and even lend them human qualities.”  These human-like qualities are often linked to the kind of person you are or the type of person you aspire to be.  Many car owners even go as far as personalizing their vehicle by giving them names and talking to them, in addition to purchasing car products that give other drivers a clue into what the owner is like.  Car owners look for features that resemble themselves.  According to James, “People construct an ideal in their mind of the perfect car, and those attributes are transferred to its driver as well.”  The size, shape and power of your car are all indications of the type of person you are and the image you want to portray.

Some even believe that the color of your vehicle is another indicator of your personality.  For example, because red is often associated with speed and dangerous behavior, the myth is that police are more likely to pull you over and that you are a bit of a rebel.  Peacefulness and serenity is conveyed by drivers who drive white and neutral color cars.  Black vehicles project a more sinister persona.  While green and blue cars often signify fun-loving or friendly drivers.

So, which vehicle personality type are you?

Convertibles & Sports Cars?

Convertibles and Sports cars are for the daring and adventurous risk takers.  They are for the impulsive types who love living life to the fullest in the fast lane.  Case studies have shown that people who drive these types of vehicles are also avid fans of high adrenaline activities such as, bungee jumping, skydiving or parasailing. Most men who drive convertibles or sports cars drive to be seen.  They tend to want to impress others.  However, one of the biggest personality traits of someone driving a sports car is a longing to feel young, free and unattached.

SUV’s / Minivans?

People who drive SUV’s or Minivans are normally soccer moms or someone with a family, or in preparation for one.  It is said that people who drive big vehicles like to be in control.  SUV’s often suit the needs of a more brash, confident or powerful personality.


People who drive sedans tend to be very practical and have a more modest personality than owners of convertibles or SUV’s.  Sedans offer space, comfort and are better on gas than most other vehicles.  These vehicles also come in a variety of styles and appearances.

Eco-friendly Cars?

Driving an eco-friendly car, such as a hybrid or other cars which are good on gas, says that you truly care about the environment.  It also says that you like to save money and that you are good with budgeting.  People who drive eco-friendly cars have a very realistic view on life.