The Up Side to Traffic Tickets


Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a traffic ticket. Not only are they expensive, but one ticket alone could significantly increase your insurance premium. But as much as you may gripe about it, on the positive side, a traffic ticket could very well be what saves your life!

According to a study published in a British medical journal, a driver’s risk of being involved in a fatal accident fell by 35% the month after receiving a ticket for a moving violation. Drivers who were caught by automatic speed-enforcement cameras claimed the biggest reduction in risk.

Additionally, the study concluded that when the number of traffic tickets was down, the number of fatal accidents were up the following month. But, when the number of traffic tickets issued increased, the number of fatal accidents went down.

One Ohio teenager credits a traffic citation with saving her life. Eighteen-year-old Taylor Newland started wearing her seatbelt after she received a ticket just one week before she crashed her SUV. Initially, Newland was pulled over for speeding, but because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, was then issued a ticket for not buckling up. “That $30 seatbelt ticket saved my life. And honestly, if I didn’t get pulled over that day, I don’t know if I’d be here,” proclaimed Newland. I guess now many of you might rethink the purpose of a traffic ticket.