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Brake Lights That Warn Other Drivers Of Traffic?


This sounds like a great idea, right? I mean, wouldn’t it improve safety issues and lessen the amount of accidents all around the world? Well, Ford thinks so.

Ford has developed an experimental brake light that lets the vehicles behind you know when there’s slow traffic ahead, even if they can’t see your lights.

So how exactly does it work? Well, included in the brake light system is a wireless transmitter that sends a special signal to vehicles that are behind you which then activates a light on their dashboard letting them know that there is some slow traffic ahead, with the intent that they will slow down or take an alternate route if possible.

The feature gives drivers more than enough time to slow down instead of having to unexpectedly slam on the brakes because of bad weather, poor road conditions, or any other circumstances that might cause you or the vehicles behind you to be stuck in traffic; and who wants that?

Although Ford hasn’t officially announced if or when it plans to add the enhanced brake light system into their upcoming models, it is still a giant leap towards vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Sounds like they’re moving in the right direction with this one.