Pinching Pennies

FREE Ways to Make Your Vehicle More Fuel-Efficient


Our wallets are already tight, and especially so this time of year.  We know you want to save however you can, so read ahead for simple techniques to optimize your fuel – for free!

1) Use your cruise control!   Cruise control reduces fuel consumption by maintaining the same speed and controlling throttle.  On average, most vehicles get the best gas mileage between 50 – 55mph.  You can also practice coasting when you are not driving on the highway.  If a red light is up ahead, take your foot off of the gas pedal and let your car coast.  This way you will be using the gas you already burned to continue moving forward.  You’re going to have to stop anyways, so why waste more gas hurrying to a red light only to hit the brakes?

2) Lighten your load!  Take any extra weight off of your vehicle.  Don’t lug around heavy items every day in your car if you don’t have to.  You can even remove seats that aren’t being used to reduce your fuel consumption.  If you have to transport something heavy, use the trunk.  A roof rack that’s loaded down can really cut down on fuel economy, especially in smaller vehicles.

3) Get gas smart!  Always keep your gas tank above 1/3 fuel.  Being low on fuel can put stress on the fuel pump and the engine may not receive the steady supply of gas it needs to make your car most fuel efficient.  Another way to reduce weight in your vehicle is by not filling your gas tank all the way.  The best time to fill up is early in the morning and late in the evening.  This is typically when gas is most dense.

There you have it!  Three easy and FREE ways to save a little money by being conscious about your fuel consumption.  What do YOU do to maximize fuel-efficiency when you drive?