Winter Driving

No time to read a long-winded BLOnG? Welcome to the Three-Second-Stop mini-Blog.

Today’s Three Seconds: Tire Pressure During Winter

3 Second Stop

When the cold of winter comes, it’s important to check your tire pressure. While nobody wants to check their tire pressure outside in the cold, it’s important to do so since cold air reduces the air pressure in your tires. Low tire pressure can be extremely dangerous. When your tire pressure is low, it can lead to a blowout, increase braking time, and also reduce your tire life. When temperatures are colder than usual your tire pressure can drop about 1 – 2 pounds per square inch for every 10℉ in temperature change. So this winter make sure to take a few extra seconds to check your tires for your safety and the safety of others. Stay warm and stay safe!

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