Way of the Future

Solar Roadways


The Brusaws with their Solar Parking Lot Prototype

Julie and Scott Brusaw, a couple based in Idaho, have been developing a Solar Roadway system that could have a wide range effect on our way of life.  The proposed intelligent roadway besides harvesting energy would potentially offer addition advantages such as LED lights with numerous configurations and colors that would eliminate the need for painted road markings; heated panels in colder climates that would keep the driving surface clear of snow and ice removing the need of snow plows and sanding crews; modular panels that could be removed and replaced by a technician easily reducing the traffic congestion due to road repairs.  There are also projections of increased use of Electric Vehicles with the ability to charge while driving.  The suggested benefits would also change the way in which we power our homes and businesses and the solar roadway technology could be used in parking lots, sidewalks, ideally any surface that is currently paved for walking or driving.  The possibilities are abundant and exciting.

Source: www.solarroadways.com

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