Oh Deer!

Animals on the Road

Deer-in-the-RoadAnimals on the road are always a possibility. Often, you see the animal too late and don’t have much room to maneuver. If you realize hitting an animal is going to happen, stay calm and avoid slamming on your brakes or swerving suddenly. This could lead to a serious traffic collision. If you strike an animal, attempt to find the owner. If the owner can’t be found, call the Humane Society or the local police department. Do not try to move or transport an injured animal, and never leave an injured animal to die.

Be on the lookout for animals on the road and drive with caution. Anticipating the appearance of animals can help you steer clear of them.

Out After Dark

Night Driving

With the passing of Daylight Savings and shorter days, it’s getting dark earlier. This makes the drive home each night a little more difficult. Night driving brings its own set of concerns and requires more concentration and attention to your driving environment.

Darkness and the glare of lights reduce visibility. You can compensate for poor night vision by decreasing your speed. This gives you time to recognize and respond to potential hazards. Also, you can avoid being blinded by approaching headlights by looking towards the right edge of your lane, and using the lane line to guide you.

So, when you find that your travels take you out after dark, give yourself a little more time and be on the lookout for hard to see dangers.